Margin pressure is mounting. For some organizations, the margin is nonexistent. The challenge of raising the quality of care amid reimbursement reform has become a universal dilemma. And while the dilemma is real, it represents a curve in the road—not an impregnable obstacle. Rise beyond today’s challenges with Back in the Black Solutions. Our experts at BITBS will step by step walk you through claim and appeal processes, with guidance that enables you to make the right coding decision at the right time, to ensure optimal reimbursement and perfect compliance.With the best-in-class solutions, you’ll conquer denials, master practice management for greater revenue, navigate the preclaim review minefield, maximize revenue with f2f reimbursement guidance, nail down efforts to skirt E/M claim denials, ace ICD-10 coding for optimum reimbursement, sort out modifier madness, and fly through appeals like a pro. Secrets of Successful Provider Contracting lays out best-in-class legal, financial, and compliance strategies for profitable and successful contract negotiations. If you’re struggling to increase your revenue and ensure effective compliant contracts, then BITBS is for you!


  • Loss. Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) calculates that 20 to 30 percent of medical practice revenue is lost in contract negotiations.
  • Risk. Did you know that civil penalties for violating the Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS) increased to $73,588 per kickback, plus three times the amount of the kickback, in 2016? And that criminal penalties could lead to imprisonment?
  • Protect your revenue and safeguard your practice against regulatory contract challenges with Back in the Black Solutions, Inc Secrets of Successful Provider Contracting.
  • Know what to look for and how to outsmart payer contract pitfalls. Take control of third-party contracts, learn the ins and outs of public and private exchange provider contracts, understand the facts for accepting exchange patients through state exchanges, master the stark truth to avoid violations, and so much more.


Reduce denials, improve A/R, and stay compliant with Master Denial Management.Ace the intricacies of a successful claim and appeal submissions to get the revenue you deserve:

  • 5 critical steps to earn the Medicare reimbursement you deserve.
  • Conquer denials with proven strategies.
  • Nail down practice management with priceless tips to secure revenue.
  • Zip through compliance and documentation issues for clean claims.
  • Navigate the pre-claim review minefield.
  • Secure your revenue with face-to-face reimbursement guidance.
  • Take the guesswork out of correct coding and billing across specialties.
  • Spearhead efforts to avoid E/M claim denials.
  • Master ICD-10 coding for optimal reimbursement.
  • Clear up modifier madness.
  • Ward off CCI edit denials.
  • Fly through appeals like a pro.
  • Commandeer the Medicare Fee-for-Service appeals process.

Your medical claims are the lifeblood of operations. Don’t risk your financial health to lost reimbursement.


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“Every business needs a process, marketing and social media to attract patients. Karen’s book touches each area’s with solid ideas. Your practice will perform better and be more successful if you follow her advice.”

—Rich Clouse
Author of Rich Dentist Poor Dentist

“Karen Vanlaningham is a genius! She founded Back in the Black Solutions (BITBS) to provide excellent billing and coding services for doctors, not only to manage their insurance billing but also ensure revenue for their medical practice. This is a one-of-a-kind book!”

—Yvette Best
Author of Maximizing Your Tax Refund

“Your medical claims are the life and blood of your operations, and risking your profit due to lost reimbursement is a big no-no. Learn the strategies to ensure optimal reimbursement and strict compliance. Be ready to rise to the challenges, stay compliant, and create a greater cash flow to attract more patients.”

—Peter Chuang
Author of Retrenchment Proofing!

There are a lot of loopholes in the medical billing services industry that could be a doctor's pitfall. Ward off appeals like a pro and breeze through compliance issues for clean claims. This book teaches doctors to overcome denials, nail down practice management, and secure revenue for a higher profit margin. This book is your prescription to success!”

—Kim Speed
Author of Branding on a Shoestring